Glaeser Horticultural Consulting through it’s horticultural services and solutions in New York has been assisting construction contractors, engineering and design firms, municipalities and private property owners on how to safeguard and appreciate urban trees for nearly 25 years.The foundation for ensuring sound and healthy urban trees for our Clients is from the knowledge and understanding of the art and science of arboriculture.
The management criteria needed for those urban trees is a combination of arboriculture with the people safety element.  Arboricultural and tree management expertise by Glaeser Horticultural Consulting and our associates is unquestionably the front line for sustainable design and build projects.  And with projects populated with established trees, the presence of the Consulting Arborist, horticultural services and solutions in New York and the voice he/she brings to the job site means infrastructure projects and its players are shielded from potential fines from unplanned and unexpected damages to trees as well as project cost overruns.  GHC Inc horticultural services and solutions in New York is able to provide for the Client a complete tree resource management and care package for whatever scale or nature of your project.


Glaeser Horticultural Consulting watches your back by:

1) Providing sound and detailed arboricultural input protecting your interests.

2) Performing extensive pre-and-post construction tree surveys.

3) Performing all assessments required to obtain NYC Department of Forestry Tree Work Permits.

4) Supervising tree pruning thereby minimizing potential tree damage (and fines) during construction.

5) Reducing the chance of imposed fines by ensuring the installation of acceptable tree protections.

6) Developing a plan to mitigate the risk of fines during construction caused by heavy equipment.

7) Advising and recommending excavation alternatives in situations where trees may be negatively impacted.

8) Designing and managing tree installation projects from species selection, nursery inspections and tagging, acceptance protocol of trees upon delivery to site, coordination of planting activity, review of contract soil conditions and supervision of landscapers for complete contract compliance.

9) Providing contract negotiation and documentaion for Tree & Landscaping projects.

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